An experiment with AMP

An experiment with AMP

As we wrote on SEO4Escorts we have decided to run a test using Google’s AMP (accelerated mobile pages) a subset of HTML designed to load quickly on smart phones.

AMP mobile pages for escorts
An experiment with AMP

The article linked here goes into the pro’s and cons of this but I thought I would log here the progress.

Amp is not to replace sites but to offer a very fast alternative loading on phones with perhaps slower internet connections, and they only show up in mobile phone searches, so as an experiment... 

Yesterday (Feb 23rd) I wrote a version of the front page of this site, stripped down but with the key information in compliant AMP format. I tested the code, validated it as correct and made it findable by Google at about 6pm last night. 

This morning, Feb 24th it appeared in mobile search results. I checked this at about 7am, so by any measurment that’s pretty quick. Now whether this will translate into improved ranking remains to be seen, I plan to expand this experiment to other pages overthe coming days and I will report findings here.

Google listing
Google listing

As the screenshot shows, Google places a lighting bolt icon by AMP pages, signifying they are AMP sites and this visual signal may encourage clicking, again we will see.

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