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Another kind of trust

Important in daily life and perhaps even more so in the escort industry. Clients have to trust escorts, escorts have to trust clients plus of course their instincts and experience when making bookings. There is another type of trust as well though, that which exists between escorts and their web designers and again it comes down to experience and common sense.

In the last couple of months we have “lost” a couple of clients, not through bad service or design but just through the natural ebbs and flows that form part of any business, and I just wanted to compare the differences in the two instances and how that perhaps has wider implications, so too the “good” first.

A long standing client decided finally to hang up her stockings, at least when it comes to the internet, email and other modern sources of business and just continue with a few long standing regulars. This had been coming for a couple of years, I guess everyone has a time to retire and this lady had reached it. We had discussed options a few times over the past twelve months but finally she decided to retire from the internet. We sort of new this was coming, however we were asked to remove the site, which we did, the lady ensured all costs were paid to date and we wished each other well. Nothing remarkable you might think but actually somewhat rare in this industry.

Contrast this with site loss number two. The domain was coming up for annual renewal, and we always send an invoice a month before it actually expires, due in 15 days which gives us time to cancel the domain and not get stuck with it, something which used to happen very regularly previously. As the deadline of the 15 days approached as we always do we sent a reminder and followed up with a phone call. After a few attempts we managed to catch the lady involved who said she would sort it out Monday, this was a Friday by the way. Monday came and went and the lady could not be contacted, presumably not taking our calls, so we cancelled the domain and the site disappeared.

Now both of these ladies were mature, with families and presumably responsible, one acted professionally and with courtesy, one did certainly not, and my guess is this professionalism or lack of it probably spills over into their dealings with clients, and others. I can only assume that one valued our service the other did not, or perhaps one is a nice person the other not, courtesy and professionalism costs nothing in my view. We appreciate circumstances change for everyone, telling lies by omission or directly solves little, and the problem is this type of behaviour spills over and affects everyone.

We have been forced to become much more strict when it comes to collection of hosting and domain renewals, where previously we invoiced when due, giving thirty days, we now have had to move to ensure we do not get left with useless domains or overdue hosting invoices. We trust our clients to play fair with us, they trust us to look after their site needs. Of course we do appreciate problems arise for people, talk to us we will always try to help as we have done many times, treat us with disdain and do not be surprised if the trust starts to break. Anyway we wish both these ladies well, one at least I know wishes us the same.

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