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Back in Production

It’s been a busy time catching up on some site work recently and the result is three new sites launched this week.

Firstly is a redesign for Kitty Collins who had new images which were darker and a radical departure from her previous image sets. Our job was to incorporate these into a new look, and to promote Kitty’s focus on the (light) domination side, as well as her escorting, something the darker photos were ideal for. The result is a site which shows both sides of Kitty’s personality and hopefully makes the most of her new pictures. Again please take a look at the site.

Last but not least we have completely redesigned Aroma Massage in Leicester. The site was showing it’s age and the clients wanted to incorporate their new domination room as well as create an impact for the more traditional massage services. The site now features a new, more powerful content management system, a more flexible scheduling system, a domination section as well as an updated look, and larger pictures. Overall a much better look to see the clients into the 2020’s

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