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Bad Design Costs Money

I posted a quick tweet the other day “If you think good design costs a lot, you should see how much bad design costs.” a comment I saw recently and it seemed a good idea for a more detailed blog post.

We see a lot of “bad” design in our work, now it can be hard to quantify, but we all tend to know it when we see it. Essentially it means whatever the design relates to it does not quite work. That can be on a subliminal level, does the site convey the right image and message, does it draw the viewer in for example. On a technical level if can mean it’s difficult to navigate, the text is not easy to read, the site does not work well on mobiles etc.

The net result for whatever reason is that the site does not do what it’s supposed to, which is present the owner(s) in the best way, their product or service. Now for independent escorts this means getting across your personality as well as just good pictures. for escort agencies or parlours that means projecting a brand. Some want no frills information based sites, others prefer picture led sites where the images do the talking. Both are valid approaches

The trick in any design is to get the brand or personality across in a way that resonates with the client

Get it wrong, bad design and the calls and e-mails will just not happen, bookings will not materialise, and that costs money, potentially a lot! Get it right and your image or brand will gel with clients who will be happy with your services, return and recommend, everyone wins.

The obvious next step is to ask “Do 69Design get it right?” and the honest answer is no, not every time, and it’s not always easy to say why, what I do know, based on feedback is we seem to get it right most of the time. We put a lot of effort into trying to work out with new clients what makes them special, what they are trying to achieve, their ideal client profile, and also to try and get a handle on their (working) personality and the sort of services they offer. A “porn look” site for someone not happy offering that sort of service is going to fail, equally someone with edgier services probably does not need a fluffy looking site.

It’s about marketing your brand in the right way to the right people and that is why “If you think good design costs a lot, you should see how much bad design costs.”

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