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Blogging advice for escorts

We have been doing some research on what to write for this blog and I came up with “blogging mistakes”. Seemed a good subject relevant to our industry and not too technical. So written with a slight bit of irony here we go

The most common think quoted was to be original, however “Google” blogging mistakes and nearly every article on the first page was a rewrite of the others!? Now I suppose someone somewhere in the long distant past did write the original article, but the spammy marketeers out there have simply appropriated and decimated that message long ago.

However the advise does hold good even if the spammers did not follow it themselves, original content with words and thoughts that are yours are what site visitors want to read, not a rehash of something someone has written before. Yes I know that nothing is new and certain things are worth repeating, but your personal take on a subject in your words says something about you, but then again I suppose stealing somebody else’s words does as well.

Google is not your audience

It is unlikely Google is ever going to book you for an hour, dinner or more, its employees maybe but not its search algorithms. Write content your site visitor is going to want to read and be able to read easily without keywords stuffed in for no reason. A good many years ago this was on an escorts site..

“I am a mature [location] escort, if you are looking for a mature [location] escort I am the mature [location] escort you want to see. As a a mature [location] escort etc etc.” Now tell me that was written with the reader in mind, no it was not, it was a terrible and useless attempt to game Google by filling the text with a key phrase in the hope of being listed. Now not only is it terrible copy, Google is more likely to inflict penalties for key word stuffing than it is to reward it with a front page listing.

Write regularly, and yes this is tough

Yes, this is hard and something I often fail on but I keep at it. inspiration after a while dries up, finding a subject every week, fortnight, whatever is a pain. However the rewards will come. I am always surprised when we receive a comment or e-mail about something we have written after all why woudl someone read anything we write, but they do. Try to find a regime that works for you, weekly, monthly, whatever works. Maybe your happier writing short “stream of consciousness” type posts, or be someone who writes longer thoughtfull pieces. Neither is wrong, it’s a personal thing and maybe even mix them sometimes.

Keep it at least a little “on topic”. Now not every post needs to be about the escort business (key phrase sneaked in there) unless of course that is all your about. Be personal sometimes, if something interests you, write about it. Potential clients like to see a window into the person, and a blog allows you to do that.

That’s probably it. Most of all though enjoy writing, sometimes of course it will be a pain, but writing about things that interest you, with an eye always on why you are writing it, will make the task much more pleasant.

I hope this helps, if you need any help of advice just reach out to us, Mandy and I will always be pleased to try and assist.

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