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Blogging is Hard

We all appreciate the value of blogging, it allows us to reach out to our site visitors in a far more personal way than a glossy website with optimised copy can ever do.

It exposes a little of our personality as well as allowing us to witter on about things which perhaps would not otherwise manage to make it to the main website.

That said it is also a chain round our neck, once blogging starts it needs to be maintained, despite what the real world may throw at us, what other things may seem more important or just simply just a lack of inspiration or inclination.

Nothing looks worse on the Internet than a neglected website..

Nothing looks worse on the Internet than a neglected website (well except perhaps for those spinning gif images of the 19990’s), a blog last updated a year ago does not inspire confidence in the visitor, think tumbleweed rolling round the towns in the old west, and confidence that the escort or agency who’s site it is, is actually still around or that interested. That said, keeping up a regular stream of posts is not easy.

What we have found here is that what seems to work is to build a habit, I have a recurring task in my system to write a blog post here once a week. Certainly I sometimes just delete it when other things have to take precedence, but having a computer nagging me every week does for me anyway force me to at least try to fit a post in.

The same applies to other areas as well, building a habit of achieving a set task soon becomes second nature.

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