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ByeBye USA

As you may have read in our blog post the recent changes in US legislation have caused quite a lot of worry for escorts based or visiting there..

Certain advertising sites have either closed their doors or introduced strict new vetting procedures.

Now while none of this has been an issue for any of our clients, there is a general feeling that hosting sites in the good ol’ US of A is perhaps not the attractive proposition it was previously. On top of this we have had several inquiries about non US hosting from girls based there. So, reacting to the situation we have moved all our site hosting to Europe. During the last ten days we have been working to move all our sites with minimum disruption to the new and upgraded servers.

This hopefully is now complete, but if you find any errors please do let us know

Sometimes things do slip through the cracks..

We have also dealt with what could also be an issue. Sites are often archived on the “wayback machine” a site that captures snapshots of sites on a regular basis. Now while this has not been an issue, after a request from a client to look at this we have now blocked this from crawling any sites on our server effectively removing any records or past images from the site.

Privacy is important and one often overlooked beyond the usual face blurring. Always be very aware who has access to your information and where you are sending it.

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