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Discretion is the better part of valour

The title is an old saying, possibly if your not a native English speaker you may not have heard of it but the point is that sometimes you need to look at an alternative to doing the obvious and charging ahead..

Anyway this time I thought we would highlight some of the steps you as an escort should take when traveling abroad even on holiday, immigration check points at airports are becoming much more high tech and we have had reports of some horror stories of girls entering the U.S. being subjected to intrusive and aggressive vetting procedures, including checking computers and phones, as well as verbal interrogation. So with that in mind consider the following if your planning to visit the U.S.

There does seem to be some sort of “database” as to who to look for, it is possible with all the recent advertising site closures records of advertisers personal details have been obtained and are being used to look out for arrivals, so without being paranoid I do think there are reasons to take precautions.
So, wherever you are perhaps a review of the information you hold and have scattered about might be in order, perhaps given the above consider not traveling to the US, which frankly would be my advice, however if your intent on going, make sure your not carrying compromising information even if your traveling for perfectly “innocent” reasons.

  1. Clear your browser history, ideally use a different browser for work related browsing, but if you are not happy doing this delete cookies, history and any favourites.
  2. If you have a twitter app delete it, you can easily reinstall, and the same goes for any messaging system such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Snapchat etc.
  3. Use a VPN (virtual private network), this encrypts your internet traffic and masks your activity from your service providers. Many VPN’s offer a free tier so using one while travelling will probably not cost anything.
  4. If you have any social media accounts for work make sure that the e-mail associated with it is not your personal one.
  5. Consider using an encrypted mail service like ProtonMail for work, this unlike most is not US based and is designed from the ground up to provide private, secure and encrypted mail. We have seen a rise in international escorts using this service and having tried it ourselves it is efficient and reliable.
  6. Check your pictures for MetaData, yes pictures have hidden information embedded in them, time and location where taken, camera used, and a lot of other technical information, however some photographers also embed names for their own reference, so before uploading anywhere make sure all meta data has been deleted or checked for personal information you were rather was not out there.
  7. Be sensible when posting travel details, if your making publically available arrival and location dates, your setting yourself up as a potential target, and of course on the home front your letting people know your away which is not very clever anyway.

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