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Driving Out

Recently one of our clients retired, not because they had moved on in their life but because they had become so disillusioned that they just did not have the heart for it any more.

Now this client was not someone who was unsure about the work, this was someone who is mature, sensible and had been working for some time, and with 69Design for well over seven years. So what drove them out, a bad client experience, dissilusionment about the nature of the job? No it was the greed and/or stupidity of someone who purports to “help” escorts with promoting their business!

Let’s break this down, the lady in question had a perfectly good website with us, which in fairness she did not work at, as she was not technical. Her pictures were nice but a bit old, but still representative of her in terms of looks and figure. A more mature lady with a degree of class, not looking to see a lot of clients but looking for a few regular well mannered appointments each week, in a large population center. Not a lot to ask, and with a little bit of correct advertising eminantly achievable. For a good few years this lady had coasted along, we spoke to her each year (at least) checking that all was OK or if there was anything we could do.

Trouble Ahead!

Now, a couple of years ago the lady informed us she was paying a particular person for promotional work, and while I was a bit taken aback I wished her well with it, even though had she asked us we could of course done it for her. Anyway, I advised her to make sure she knew what was being done in her name, where she was being advertised and to obtain regular reports on the work done. I am usually not one to openly critiscise others so I kept quiet.

Roll forward three years, I called the lady as I do every year, and she informed me she had decided to retire. The reasons stated was that her promotional work was generating nothing but sleazy clients, abusive requests and general bad business. On speaking to her further it would appear she had been (mainly) advertised on a general web directory (not a specific adult one) which tends to produce lower end clients when it comes to escort/massage listings. Now I do not know what this directories charges are, it’s a case of free and then pay this for premium etc. What I do know though that this type of directory should not be the first or only point of advertising for the type of lady.

In what other industry would this ever happen?

Now not only this but she was paying over £200 per month, no reports, no breakdown where the money was being spent, and of course no invoices, to someone she had never met and promised so much. So what was she actually paying for! What other industry would this ever happen in?

This “expert” also told the lady she did not need the website we had created, had a history, was optimised for and registered with Google, and to cancel it (which she ignored, and I thank her for her loyalty) this “expert” going on to create a terrible, (and I am really not being bitchy) website, it was something even if anybody looked at it they would not treat it as in way professional and would without doubt cause harm to the ladies online presence. There was/is also a basic generic online blog, set up but never used and I guess abondoned, and a twitter feed all pushing people to the terrible website and effectively sidelining our site which was at least established and reasonably professional looking.

The net result has been of course because of the “experts” actions which could be construed as either ineptitude or greed, or maybe both, the lady has become so dissilusioned with the whole situation that she has decided to quit. Do I blame her? No, I wish her well for the future, I am sad that someone leaves in such a way, I asked her to reconsider, but I fully support her decision to quit.

Let this serve as a warning to any escort considering paying for “promotion..

So to the point of this post, let it first serve as a warning to any escort considering paying for “promotion”, and while some of the below may seem like common sense, laying it out may just stop this happening to anyone else.

  1. Make sure that you get in writing what is being proposed, and what every month is being done. Define goals and targets and insist on documentation and proof of how your money is being spent. If you can not get it, do not part with your money.
  2. If relevent, get progress reports, how the work being done is impacting on your business and how the progress measures against the goals you set initially.
  3. Do not, I repeat do not pay a penny to anyone who can not send you an invoice, and a receipt, and ideally have a physical address they can provide you with.
  4. Most importantly remember that while paying “professionals” to help your business is no bad thing, it is your business, and you need to take an interest, know what is going on and manage your business.

Escorts work hard for their income, and its a shame when it’s taken away in such a fashion and without any feeling or regard for the personal consequences.

Richard. October 31st 2017

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