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Good Copy

Do not forget why you are writing, it is not to massage your ego it is to sell a product even if that product is you. You need to be focussed and ruthless, target your message to your (ideal) clients needs.

Write in a friendly way, try to strike a balance between not being to “formal” ot to jokey, people prefer to deal with people and if they see you as approachable they are more likely to do just that, approach you. If I am being honest this is one I struggle with, having spent years writing formal type documents, but I keep trying.

Do you have reviews? Not necessarily the standard we did that, she was this type but even short thank you’s on social media. If so quote a few. Again clients prefer to deal with someone they feel they “know” even if it’s through a third party recommendation.

Say when you will be available, in fact as a general rule don’t be available 24/7. we all have a life, stress your limited availability as a positive, for example stress you see only a few client to give your best etc.

Strip down the content, write it, review it and weed out what you don’t need. Don’t waffle, do potential clients need to know your shoe size? Be concise, give the information they need, in a clear and friendly way.

Don’t, don’t make someone jump through hurdles to get to you

Ask for them to contact you. Asking for a sale is standard business practice this really is no different. A “Book Now” or “Contact Me” button in a prominent place will nudge the client in to perhaps doing just that, and that could lead to a booking.

And the big one. Don’t, don’t make someone jump through hurdles to get to you, screening, lists of dos and don’ts, complicated booking forms and the like. Keep it simple, every step a potential client is asked to take is an excuse for them to go somewhere else! Just remember what they want and while you need to keep safe you also need to be accessible.

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