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Good Fast or Cheap

Good, fast and Cheap, the holy grail of what everyone would really like, not only in web design but a lot of other areas, but lets be clear, it just isn’t possible.

You can have something quickly, you can have something great, or you can have something for not much money, but you can very rarely have all three. in fact the graphic above shows the intersections of what’s possible and was is just wishful thinking.

We all understandably, want quality. We often want things finished on a tight deadline, but those two combined attract a premium, it effectively means devoting all resources to one project and that bears a cost

Hopefully when clients chooses 69Design for their escort website it’s because they think we are good at what we do

We rarely, at least ‘in our opinion turn out bad work, which let’s face it nobody wants, so that really only leaves good and cheap.

However we have to work to deadlines, very few of our clients are willing to wait an indefinite amount of time for their site, and producing sites to a deadline is an artform in itself. So, to put simply we we are good at what we do and we produce sites on time, which means we are worth what we charge, the two of the three circles above which work best for us and our clients.

So, why are wementioning this, well basically we often are expected to produce a site in record time, to our usual level of quality and then be expected to do so at a discounted price. as the above hopefully shows this really is not possible, and this is why.

A site these days with all the varied screen sizes and orientations takes a good while to produce, from experience we know that even with our specialist systems designed specifically for the escort market will take somewhere between 8-12 hours to produce. this includes testing on numerous devices, optimising the code and structure for search engines, refining and optimising all the images and submitting to search engines. of course all our code is hand written, no templates from third parties.

Can we cut corners? on a full site no, but we can offer a simpler solution, a pre made framework colour coded to match your pictures, but still many of the above work still applies.

Now, what has prompted this is looking at other designers working in this market, it would seem that many offer a simple purchased template, which presumably they can change the colours of, and and at a riddiculous price. However this is in our opinion for the client a false economy. It is doubtful that these templates are understood, that is extending them or changing them in any meaningful way is beyond the skill sets of the people offering them, which leaves the client with a site that can not easily be updated, altered or extended. not good business!

So, here is an idea, the escort industry is used to charges being for time spent, yet to my knowledge no escort designer works that way themselves, instead it is just packages of products. Therefore from today we are happy to announce, if you prefer you can pay us by the hour for work done. We can and will quote for a job or just an hourly rate, we will also give you a breakdown of not only time spent but how it was spent, even if your buying one of our packages.

This is a big change, you can now deal with us in the knowledge your only paying for time spent on your work, if you over pay us we will either refund you or credit the time to future work, your choice, your freedom to deal with us in a professional way.

If you would like to take advantage of this please just call or mail us, we will be happy to discuss your project.

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