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It’s all about Mandy

Yes they title says it all and it’s probably about time. Many of you will know the name a few will have met Mandy but by and large she is the unsung heroine of 69Design.

Firstly a bit of history, Mandy has been involved in the business for over nine years now, largely behind the scenes but without her efforts we could not offer the service and support to our clients that we do. We actually met when she approached me to make her website (I never did make that one) and from there we became both partners in real life as well as in the business.

Mandy brought a females point of view

Initially largely responsible for the colour palettes on our sites, Mandy brought a females point of view to the designs and her experience as an escort was invaluable in shaping many of our sites from years ago. That’s not to say we have not had our fights, we often disagreed on colours and in some ways I had to be brought kicking and shouting to her way of thinking, however I was forced to admit she was usually right!

From here Mandy has gone on to build up the social media and blogging services we offer to clients as well as contributing to several articles in our SEO section. The social media services of the business is now an integral part of what we do everyday for clients, advising on, researching and writing blog posts, tweets and site copy, all something Mandy enjoys and something to be honest I do not, so a combination made in heaven really.

Mandy is also quite happy to talk through escort and general girly things with our clients, (cosmetic surgery anyone?) as we both appreciate the escort business can sometimes be a lonely one.

So that’s it, I hope this gives Mandy some well deserved recognition for all she does for and contributes to 69Design.

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