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Leaving Facebook

Given the recent horrendous breaches of privacy which have occurred at Facebook this year we have decided to wave goodbye to any profiles we had there.

Yes at 69Design have quit Facebook, I felt given our views on accountability and the strict need for privacy in the escort business it was hypocritical for us to support any business which has proved to be so casual with peoples’ data.

The recent breach/sale of data which is as I write this is dominating the press is far from the first time Facebook has been guilty of questionable practices with data which in the end should not be theirs to manipulate or sell without permission.

To be honest while I feel we are doing the right thing, it for us really is no big deal, a couple of years ago for no reason Facebook decided it did not like our content, or maybe it just felt it could not monetise it, so without warning or recourse decided to close it. Now apart from the obvious hypocrisy of this give some of the hate and terrorist sites it does allow to exist, cutting off what could be important to a business without a way to appeal smacks of the worst type of autocracy (sound like a certain large escort directories behaviour?).

Anyway since then we have maintained a skeleton page with links to the main site and used it for very little else. However in the current climate even this minimal presence I felt was a tacit approval of Facebook’s policy so as of today even that has gone.

I would urge anyone to be very sure where your data is going and what potential it is being used for. Data is one of the most valuable resources at the moment, remember the old adage if there if something is free then you are the product. Lastly if you can not verify who you are dealing with should you really be sending them your personal details?

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