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Mandy, a retrospective

When I became an escort I was classed as a mature escort at 55 it changed my life in many ways, the things I learned about men and sex was surprising to say the least but always interesting in some very weird ways, I would like to share some of the more weird experiences...

I hope you have a sense of humour? Some of these experiences are funny and some just weird and I enjoyed them all.

My first Escort job was with an agency I used to go there after my full time job, only at the weekend 7.00pm at night until 5am in the morning we (the escorts) were in a large room with TVs and couches as we may have to wait a while for a job. A client would ring for an escort and tell the receptionist a lady what his requirements were and she would recommend an escort that fitted the bill, if you were chosen the driver would drive you to the appointed location and wait for you.

My first encounter ever as an escort!! I was so scared but felt safe that the driver would always be outside waiting. I knocked on the door and the most handsome Irish man came to the door I went in he was so friendly he had been on something but I did not ask, a thing you do not do. We talked for a while then he went into the kitchen and came out with a wooden spoon, I though he may be into spanking (which is popular) but NO he wanted me to place the wooden spoon into his anus but not the thin bit the rounded bit, which I did and while it was up there I had to nip his bum HARD and I certainly did that!! after he pleasured himself he wanted me to shave his chest which obviously by the look of his chest had been shaved many times before, not a pretty sight. 

By then his hour was up but he wanted me to stay for another hour, staying extra time was ok but I had to ring the office to let them know so the driver would wait. I wondered then what he had in store surprise surprise he only wanted to chat I left and was driven back to the office and waited for my next call.

Mandy x

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