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Merry Christmas 2023

It's sort of a tradition to write a Christmas blog then just before New Year another focussed on the coming year so here we go. Before anything else may Mandy and I wish you a very happy Christmas or happy Holiday if you do not celebrate Christmas.

In all my years, and I am getting old, can I remember a year when things all over the world have fallen apart so badly, and frankly it's hard not to be pessimistic for the future, without doubt inflation has hit every business, from the cost of food and other basic necessities to rents and most other things. Coupled with that we have a really volatile political situation in many parts of the world, from the atrocities in the middle east the continuing war in Ukraine to America tearing itself apart from within.

However humanity has a record of pulling itself from the abyss and going on to improve and even prosper, so here's hoping that happens before things spiral down into something much worse. Society has a habit of lumping sex and violence into the same sort of "problem" which I could never understand, sex is usually a pleasurable experience even to the extent, as Woody Allen said "Sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty experiences go it's one of thr best." Violence on the other hand is rarely justified and even when no other recourse is available it's often the innocent who ultimately suffer.

Anyway I will not dwell on the problems of the world any further, we genuinely wish everyone a peaceful and happy Christmas, may things only improve for 2024

Richard & Mandy

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