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Mistakes are good sometimes

This week on the 69Design blog the admission that we are all human..

Yes, we make mistakes. I am not talking about the silly missing full stop or the html tag not closed I am talking about design choices.

We are very lucky, most of our clients trust us to just get on with it, not really insisting upon micro management of their new design which just gives us free reign to push our design ideas. However this does with risks, we (well me really) have to do continual reality checks, in respect of what we are doing remembering that there is a need to be commercial as well as to produce a good looking stand out website.

However, we can not stand still, otherwise the internet would still be comprised of text based documents and little else. New technologies come along, fashions in design surface and then disappear and it is always tempting to try the “latest and greatest”. However this is a double edged thingy, sometimes a new idea works, sometimes it doesn’t, taking risks and pushing boundaries are part of what makes the internet so interesting.

Making mistakes is part of the job

So, sometimes we get it “wrong” on balance I think we get it “right” 90% of the time and the other 10% either produce something that works which we incorporate into our armoury of it doesn’t in which case we discard it and often rewrite the site quite quickly for no charge.

If you do not try you never know, so never give up experimenting and innovating.

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