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Nuisance Call?

This week I are going to revisit something I wrote about several years ago which did not survive the move to the current site, that is answering phones.

I know this is somewhat of a double edged sword for escorts, don’t answer and loose bookings, answer the phone and often have to deal with time wasters.

Now I am not going to give loads of advice on telephone manner etc. I am not qualified in any way to do so, what I am going to do is just perhaps look at one particular “problem” from a different perspective.

A lot of escorts have to deal with the caller who asks a lot of question

yes these are often time wasters just getting off on the call itself with no intention of booking, and certainly genuine callers sometimes ask virtually nothing, getting straight to “are you free on X time/date, if so can I book for then?” Of course these are ideal, however somewhere in between are perhaps another type, let me give you some background.

My father was blind all his life, his sole way of forming initial impressions of people was not like you and me, visual, but verbal. Of course this had some interesting side effects, he had a thing about German Shepherd dogs, telling me to never bring one to his house, odd as had never seen one, and simply relied on other peoples biases and opinions to believe he did not like them. In fact when I did bring my dog round he loved it, I was tempted to tell him it was a Labrador, he never would have known.

Anyway the point is that perhaps when potential clients call and ask questions they may be just trying to form an opinion about you from your voice and manner, the questions may be pointless, and perhaps this is a subconscious process, I really do not know. What could be happening is some process where if you “gel” in a certain way, or they believe you do they will book.

Of course they may just be time wasters and I am sure most escorts have had plenty of those. However maybe, just maybe not, and can you take the risk?

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