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One page “landing” sites

The title basically says it all but if you are not familiar with the term or the idea let us explain.

The idea is to create a single page usually within an existing site to promote a specific service or promotion and use that page as an entry point to your site . A common example would be a sign up page for a newsletter or to promote a specific event which is then linked to via social media.

OK at his is pretty obvious but how can this be applied to the escort industry and what makes this special? Well I will try to answer this as it relates to our clients, your experience with other web designers may of course vary😀.

One of the user cases I mentioned above, promoting a special event in one we recently used for ThePhoenixClub for the promotion of their “MILF” parties. Now it would have been very easy to just create an sdditional page off the site, same look same format and while informative not really anything different, and this is where the beaty of these temporary pages come in. You can do something different!

Yes of course a brand identity is important, the look of your website is your brand, promoting it is a very sound investment in your business, however attracting potentially a new audience or offering something different to existing clients allows you to experiment a bit and to show a diffwrent side to you and your services, especially as modern internet speeds and bandwidth availability even on mobile networks now gives you the ability to create longer, content rich pages with all sorts of enhancements like animation and other effects.

So maybe if you need to promote something, or experiment with a new look without having to jump into a new site a simple one page self contained micro site could boost your visibility and even attract a new slew of clients!

Meanwhile if you would like to see what we mena in action check out ThePhoenixClub.london, and their “MILF” site ThePhoenixClub.london/milfs.

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