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Our Directory is now live

Some big updates to report this week, we have updated, improved and expanded our on-line client directory bringing it into the main 69Design site.

This was something we have planned on doing and along with the integration of the SEO site last month brings everything under one banner.

This will allow us to optimise and focus 69Design for search engine listings, which should also make our client listing within the site appear more prominently in search results giving not only our own site more exposure but also the our clients individual page, which will be good for all of us. You can visit the revised directory here...

Secondly and in conjunction with the integrations of the directory and the recent move of our SEO site into 69Design we are investing in a major overhaul of our site optimisation. We have invested in new specialist (and expensive) software to work on this and we intend to document our progress here as we go. Basically it starts with a detailed review of all aspects of the site, followed by deep optimisation of both the code, links and content to comply with the latest search engine guidelines, and then ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure continued improvements.

This service is now also available to our clients both existing and new. We are not promising instant results, we are promising lasting and meaningful improvements along with explanations you can understand. Good SEO is neither instant or easy and is a combination of a lot of factors. If we are honest we let the SEO side of our own site slip, our journey to fix this will be interesting.

More to come!

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