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We have a guest post this week from photographers “Mighty Aphrodite” on how professional pictures will pay for themselves..

You can have an escort website that is slick, modern, responsive and that the search engines love enough to put at the top of their results. But when a potential client clicks through to your website, if they don’t see gorgeous pictures or video of you looking classy, sexy and alluring they are going to leave probably without even reading any of the text however well-written. Quality pictures & video will capture their interest, seduce them, make them want to find out more about you and hopefully lead on to them getting in touch to arrange to see you. It’s a well-known fact that the better your images are, the more bookings you will get and ultimately the more you can charge!

Since we started specialising in lingerie, boudoir and escort photography and videos 11 years ago, we have supplied images to countless escorts for their websites. Each one has been unique wanting to reflect their own personal style, personality and beauty. What they all had in common is they have all understood the value that professional, highest quality escort images and video can add to their online presence.

So how do you find the right escort photographer for you?

Firstly you want to see lots of examples of their work. If they only have a handful of boudoir-style images they can show you, they probably haven’t been doing this type of photography for very long. How professional is their website? If their own site looks amateurish, how can you trust that they will understand what you need for your website.

Give potential companies a call and try to speak to someone you will actually be working with on the day of your shoot – get a feel for who they are and if you think you will feel happy and comfortable working with them. It is always best to tell them the purpose of the photo shoot as they will then have a better understanding of the type of images you need. The photographer should be willing to listen to what you want and not dictate what they think you should have – the pictures are very personal to you and should reflect the persona you want potential clients to see.

Obviously price does matter – everyone has a budget and you want to be sure you are getting the best value for money! But when comparing companies ask yourself if it is worth compromising the quality of your pictures to save money. A good set of pictures or video will last you at least one year and spending an extra couple of hundred pounds on a better photographer could potentially earn you thousands of pounds more in bookings than a set of mediocre images. But as with all things – the most expensive is not necessarily the best!

A top quality photographer will offer you a number of fully edited pictures as part of your shoot. They should be able to get you looking flawless and polished

but with photo-retouching sometimes less is more. While making sure your skin looks amazing and smoothing any lumps and bumps should be done as standard, you should be in control of how much or how little extra editing is done to your pictures. It is tempting to ask the photographer to airbrush and nip and tuck you to the max, but it is better to work with a photographer who can get you looking great with the right poses and lighting so that you don’t need so much airbrushing.

Video is the next big thing. It will help your website stand out from the crowd and make people remember you. There is so much more you can get across in a video than with stills alone. Also it will help to reassure potential clients that what they see in your images is real! So many escort photos are very heavily photoshopped these days so video is a way of allowing clients to see you in a completely new way – but still looking sexy, gorgeous and seductive. Also video will help your website ranking with the search engines – Google loves video!

So if you are having a beautiful new website designed don’t forget the importance of stunning images and why not be at the cutting edge of escort websites and commission your own elegant Escort Video.

Mighty Aphrodite is run by husband and wife team Leigh & Zena. Find out more about their Escort Photography and Videography services on their website mightyaphrodite.co.uk or by calling 0118 9835154.

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