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Photo editing on the go

One of the biggest things escorts, agencies and of course their web designers need to do is edit photos, “photoshop” as it has become known, remove blemishes, tattoos, blur faces, resize pictures and sometimes a few other enhancements.

Now this has until recently to do this well has needed a good graphics programme and a fair bit of know how, as well as a desk or lap top machine. It also did not come cheap, a cut down version of photoshop (the industry standard editor) designed for the home market would still set you back about £70 and even then it was hardly intuitive to use.

Which brings us to the modern mobile world. Tablets, and I am going to focus on iPads here as we are fully invested in the Apple ecosystem, are now powerful enough to allow the development of some professional grade apps and that is exactly what some developers have focussed on doing.

Serif, longtime makers of a windows graphic editor stormed first into the Mac desktop market with Affinity Photo, and followed it with a full version for the iPad soon after. This in itself was unusual most apps are pale reflections of the full Mac version but not in this case. So let me detail just what can be done in terms of what are the most common tasks we need to do.

Firstly resize pictures, agencies or sites often require a specific size and this usually involves firstly resizing and then sometimes cropping the image to achieve the size needed. Affinity handles this with ease.

Next tattoo and/or blemish removal, again no problem! Affinity has an amazing tool called the inpainting brush, which not only removes the offending area but blends the removed area into the picture seamlessly removing the tattoo or blemish.

Skin smoothing is handled as easily, sometimes this can overdone creating a porcelain doll effect, but Affinity gives you complete control over the levels this is applied giving an enhanced but still realistic picture.

Last of the main tasks we need to do is blurring, privacy is an important part of the escort industry and blurring faces is a regular request. With the new iPad pros this is now as easy as rubbing your finger over the area to blur and a non invasive blur can be achieved. Nothing looks worse than a massive block of over done blur which actually tends to draw the eye to it rather than from it.

So all in all Affinity photo is both powerful and reasonably priced. I would recommend any agency or escort who is working on a tablet or laptop and regularly needs to do any of these tasks above invests in a copy, it should pay for itself very quickly.

Of course if you need help with any of this, just contact me, I will be happy to try and help.

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