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Photoshoot Tips

Pictures, the most important visual element on your website. Text is of course important, both to attract search engines and of course clients, but also to define your personality

However if text is the fruity filling, pictures are the icing on the delicious cake that is your website.

Pictures are easy though aren’t they? Book, turn up, stand there, pay your money have them “photoshopped” and away you go. Actually no. The more work you put in the better will be the result, as I am in analogy mood today, think of it like an iceberg, 80% is going on under the surface, the 20% you see relies on the hidden bulk.

Here are some thoughts, having dealt with photos and attended photo shoots in this business for over fifteen years.

1) Use professional pictures, there is no better investment in your business than this, they are your signature, your identity and your “calling card”. The better the pictures, the better the website, the more professional you appear, the better the clients. Once established you can if confident enough introduce “selfies” but this is not suited to everyone and requires a strong personality to shine through the pictures.

2) Research your photographer, look at their work, if they are not a specialist escort photographer while they may be technically good, do they “get” what you need.

3) All photographers like web designers and probably all artistic folk have a “style”, and this may not suit you. Some photographers do elegant better some raunchy, some use glamorous props, some use moody lighting. Work out what you want and approach the “right” photographer, taking someone away from what they instinctively do can be a painful experience for all.

However that said, challenging a photographer or a web designer with ideas will usually inspire them to do a better job, listen though to their advice, they understand the technical side better than you.

4) Work out your outfits, I have heard photographers complain that girls turn up with one set of underwear for a two hour shoot. Talk to the studio in advance, plan, and buy new outfits if you need to. Also remember that it’s not just underwear. Looking for dinner date clients? Wear a dress, men are visual, show them what they can expect in a dinner setting as well as more intimate ones. Clothing defines a person, underwear is easy, elegant understated sexy clothing can be just as appealing, and gives a better view of you as an individual.

5) My favourite, tattoos, if you don’t want them to show tell the photographer and pictures can often be posed to hide them. Yes they can be edited out, but a bit of careful planning goes a long way, and makes the post shoot editing easier. If you do want them removed have it done during editing, and at an agreed price. Asking an agency or a web designer afterwards could mean more expense.

6) Change them regularly, nothing refreshes your image and brings you back to a potential clients thoughts than a new set of pictures. They give you the opportunity to refresh your website, and shout about them on the internet. How often depends on you, but ideally once a year, or at most every two years. The escort industry is in some ways small, pictures that have been around a while loose impact, new ones are noticed.

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