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If your browsing the internet then privacy is important, and perhaps even more so in the escort industry for both clients and escorts alike, however a simple solution may now be at hand.

Cloudflare has made it easier for you to protect your browsing privacy on iOS and Android devices with a new app called In fact I am currently typing this in a cafe with this enabled, so let 9to5mac.com explain..

“The gold standard for privacy protection on the Internet is to use a VPN service. This encrypts all traffic so your ISP has no way to know which sites you’re visiting or what you’re doing there. But trustworthy VPNs cost money.

A free alternative approach which protects some of your data is to use a third-party Domain Name Server (DNS). Using an external DNS means your ISP can’t see which sites you’re visiting. It will also route you around most blocks imposed by ISPs, and can often speed up the time it takes to connect to a website.

Cloudflare offers a free DNS on The company doesn’t log IP addresses, and purges all logs after 24 hours – even hiring an independent audit firm to annually verify that it does so. Why, the benefit to Cloudflare is that using the company’s DNS means faster connections to its client websites.”

So if your browsing on public wifi or mobile networks, or if you just do not want your internet provider to log your browsing habits this could be the answer.

Information courtesy of 9to5mac.com

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