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Roadmap 2021

It's a bit of a tradition with software companies to post a "roadmap" of their plans for the coming year, so we thought we might give it a go here, although as the saying goes "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans"

As I mentioned in our retrospective we spent quite a lot of time getting our "systems" sorted out, systems for handling business, support work, administration and pretty much everything else, so we now have in place a solid foundation to move forward on, we hope.

Firstly for 2021 I (Richard) intend to spend a lot of time researching Search engine optimisation, both from a technical (coding) standpoint, and how other techniques centred round marketing and advertising can be applied to the escort industry. For too long "escort SEO" has been unaccountable with not a lot of information or justification for payment flowing back to the escort or agency, I intend to try and offer something better.

Next I intend to continue my push started at the end of 2020 to improve my coding skills, my plan is to learn at least one new scripting language, and two associated libraries. This should allow 69Design to produce ever more compelling sites for our clients much as "Flash" action scripting did back in the early 2000's, but using accessible and responsive design techniques.

Of course our support service will continue performing, dealing with requests in under 24 hours at most and usually with a couple of hours or sooner. We will continue to be available for our clients with support, advice and help when and where we can as we appreciate in good times this is important, in times like these it can be critical.

Well, lets hope this all works out, of course as 2020 has shown life can throw things for a loop and in ways no one can predict. We wish you all well and a return to better normality for everyone.

Richard & Mandy

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