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Say hello to E-Socials

A while ago when certain of our clients suffered from one of the regular Twitter moral purges we had the idea to create a "linktree" type site where we could just create a basic personal information page and link it to the twitter account rather than linking their escort site directly, hopefully sidestepping twitters automated checking.

Fast forward a couple of months and we managed to get Twitter to reverse their decisions and reinstate the cancelled accounts, so we left the site we made pretty much on the sidelines.

Fast forward yet again and Linktree https://linktr.ee/ have started to delete some escort profiles removing yet another service from a part of the community simply because of the moral minority, or those that simply shout the loudest. Our response? We have updated the site we created, e-socials.co.uk and are now opening it to any escorts who wish to use it.

Currently we are creating profiles here manually, if the site takes off we will automate it and expand it, but as this is very much a side project we decided to keep it as simple and cost effective as possible. While we are making a very small annual charge for this (£15 per year) and we will make this available at a discount for our own clients.

So, if you have experienced problems with Twitter or Linktree, or of course just want a good looking page with links to your internet presence all in one place please do get in touch. We hope this helps the industry in some small way and is at least a poke back to the faceless companies that express such moral outrage at what is a legal occupation more often than not populated with very moral people.


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