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So here we are 2024

So here we are 2024. No idea what it will bring, and I am sure any plans will get changed, pushed back or just dumped but I do believe some sort of Roadmap for the year ahead can at least provide some sort of clarity and focus for us while setting out our aims for other who may be interested.

This year we intend to concentrate on our existing clients and site portfolio, updating and improving sites where needed and focussing on improving core services and skills rather than chasing a lot of new business. We have some fabulous clients with whom we have built up relationships over many years and our main concentration will be on them. Of course we welcome enquiries as always, we have a design style and price which does not suit everyone but for those that think we can realise their vision or create a unique identity for them please do get in touch.

So expect as usual to see some new sites, maybe not that many new clients, but any work we do we will endeavour to make it the best we can. Many years ago we made a name by making animated sites using Flash a proprietary technology owned by Adobe but has since sunk into disuse. While using Flash we learnt the basics of the scripting language which powered it, and this we have translated into transferring these skills into certain Javascript libraries which have grown more powerful and outgrown what could be done before while using native browser technology, no plugins required.

While we have introduced animation into many of our new sites in the last couple of years we intend to take this forward hopefully creating really standout sites in this market place. We will also continue our policy of not using template based systems like Wordpress, or the newer entries on the block, we have made our views known on this before, but suffice it to say it's a relatively small market we operate in and believe everyone deserves something unique not be shoehorned into something pre built.

OK that's about it I think, personally we have some things happening but maybe more on that at another time. Meanwhile best wishes to all our clients and others for 2024 may it be all you wish for.

Richard & Mandy

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