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Social media personality

I blogged recently about how hard it is to do blogging right, this week I just wanted to share a short post on Twitter, and how it is used.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been sharing the odd image with a quote overlaid, often known as a “meme”. I have, when doing these tried to find a quote relating to design and not too “cutesy”. The surprising thing is I seem to have succeeded!

When looking at the shares, retweets and other data these posts, rarely connected directly with the escort industry, seem to have more traction, they are retweeted, shared, and/or attract followers. Now some of these is the result of automated “bots” picking up on key words, design for example, but some seem human driven.

Blatant advertising with no other angle, humour for example, seems not to work

Now what does this mean in terms of marketing, honestly at this point I am not sure, what does seem to be clear is that blatent advertising with no other angle, humour for example, seems not to work too well. Our clients who have built a following of quality followers seem to be those that inject some personality into their posts. That I guess can be anything, different things will work for different people, but I would suggest perhaps varying what you post and see what happens.

There is a saying that “People buy from People” and becoming accessible and approachable and perhaps projecting a real person online is just as valuable as glossy perfect pictures, and of course a good website.

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