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Sometimes NO!

Yes we actually do on occasion, not often admittedly as it is how we pay the bills, however there are circumstances where we do say no, so here are some examples and why while negative in action they are actually positive for everyone.

1. Just not a good “fit”. We have made the odd mistake here I will admit, but that I guess is bound to happen. Sometimes during initial conversations we just pick up a vibe, designing a website requires trust from both sides and the ability to listen. If a client has definite ideas which we do not feel will work it really is our job to tell them, this can be for a variety of reasons, lack of technical knowledge as to what is viable, ideas rooted in the past which can be done but will not portray the site in a positive way, and of course just personal stuff

Sometimes strong personalities do not get on, this is not bad, or good just a fact of life

2. Personality clashes. Sometimes strong personalities do not get on, this is not bad, or good just a fact of life, in both sides are not willing to listen and possibly compromise, when they can the results are usually very good, when they can’t it’s a nightmare. We have had several instances where we have had to deal with rudeness arrogance and ignorance, and where this is evident best to just say no. No blame, just not a good fit for the individuals involved.

It takes a lot to build a site well these days

3. Unrealistic expectations. Probably the most common reason, and the one easiest to spot early. It takes a lot to build a site well these days, HTML and JavaScript frameworks to make the site display correctly on mobile devices, content management system set up, testing etc etc. We do not use pre made template systems like Wordpress we make each site unique and individual. Of course all this takes time and time as they say time is money. Neither we nor anybody else for that matter can make sites for a couple of hundred pounds and stay in business very long, and certainly not offer any support going forward. Yet we regularly get asked to make agencies for virtually nothing, clone AdultWork (which we would not do anyway) for less than a thousand pounds etc etc.

4. Lastly over formal and intrusive requests for quotes or to provide designs for approval before being “given” the work, in other words provide work for nothing. These type of enquiries obviously go to multiple designers at the same time, one recent asked for our portfolio (why contact us if you have not seen what we do?), proof of SEO results for existing clients (this is private information) and other unrealistic demands. Now I used to waste time crafting replies to these detailing various points and explaining our reasoning. Recently though I just decline these politely. The chances of these either materialising into actual business or them being a good fit for us are I believe small. Time wasted on these, are time we could be spending on valued clients, and entering into what are effectively “beauty pageants” in the hope of beating others to the business is not something I have ever condoned or been willing to do.

So the take away of this is our clients gel well with us and we with them, we actually turn down very little but know that even when we do, it is done in the belief that doing so benefits both us and ultimately the prospective client who will be genuinely better served by using another designer.

We are always happy to talk, chances are we will be able to help, by taking on your project, and you can be assured that we will give it our all.

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