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The Big Redesign

Well we have started it, sort of. Yes it's time for the annual redesign for 69Design and this time we are planning to do it a bit differently. In the past we have usually torn everything down and start again including the CMS but not this time. 

We have been so impressed with the CMS that not only we will continue to use it on 69Design but have adopted it as our CMS of choice across all sites. It is hugely configurable and expandable and has yet to fail with anything thrown at it. That said some things are going to change. When we built the current site it was very much a learning curve with the CMS, and we intend to clean up and improve on the code where we can. The site is reasonably modular now, allowing us to move items around quite easily, although from the experience we have built up over the year the plan is to expand on this and give us more flexibility to add blocks of content where needed.

The main design changes are planned for the home page and the major product pages which we intend to give more impact by way of animation via javascript and create a narrative as you scroll the pages creating a high impact and immersive page, we are also looking at building other sub pages for these sections with additional in depth information.

The other main change is the way we are going to approach this, rather than just a grand unveiling we intend to do this as we go, pages will change, and may change again, until we have something we are happy with. This gives us much more flexibility and saves us from self imposed deadlines to "finish". The ability to add new modular elements easily will allow us to experiment, promote new content via scripted effects and to stay "current" far more easily than our current site does.

That said a lot will stay the same, the blog, is fine, it may have a small visual tweak, and the same applies to the directory and SEO sections. These will likely have small enhancements rather than a major overhaul.

Anyway having now committed this to "paper" we need to get working, what was I just saying about deadlines? ?

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