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The Big Redesign Live!

So here it is, we decided that the site was due for its roughly annual update about November but could not settle on what to do. It was quite a journey, nothing like we originally planned but we wanted to share some of it here with you.

After a couple of months trying things, including the video header we added for a few weeks, and a lot of soul searching I realised I had to admit the upkeep of the site was just an overhead I do not enjoy, and the thought of redesigning the whole site was filling me with dread, weeks of work, scrambling at the end to tidy up little bits etc etc.and I was finding any excuse not to do it. Once I came to realise what the problem was it made moving forward much easier.

I spent a lot of time looking at design trends, how the other agencies, not in this niche market, approached things and deconstructed our entire philosophy on the site built up over many years. The result was it was decided to do away with any "waffle", strip it back to the basics and display those basics, the things we believe visitors actually want to see, in the best and most concise way possible. We also decided to do away with the device frames (wrappers on images to show them in context) and the general Apple-esque feel the site had. Lastly we decided to just stick our fingers up to Google and not worry about what they wanted to impose on us in terms of SEO. Our site, our way not Googles way. If they decide not to list us that's down to them, I am not going to chase ever changing recommendations of what Google wants and end up with a lego site built by numbers. The internet started "free" and I do not want big tech imposing any more tyranny than they have so far.

With all the above decided all that was left was to work out what to include and what to cull, and the look of the site. The first bit was easy, gone are the SEO sections, the Directory, the virtual services page, the pages for independent escorts and agency site designs, the pricing tables etc. basically all the waffle and stuff designed to please Google! We of course still offer SEO, we still make sites for escorts, agencies parlours and related businesses and we have not increased prices. What we have done is provide the basic information and links to our latest work, in other words enough to decide if you like our style and a way too easily contact us for more details. We have also removed the pain in the arse job of keeping the site current, for example the old site needed three versions of each site image, and in the case of the front page header actually six versions to be able to offer .webp versions (again for Google).

The design is much cleaner, modern and more organic, utilising animation and rounded elements pushing clients and therefore our work to the fore. Plus the design allows very easy update, and if we need to create additional sections or temporary landing pages for example if we decide to hold a promotion, we can. The styling and scripting has been completely modernised and reworked into separate functions and files, again making change reasonably simple. The colour palette has been changed, going for neutral colours, although we could not completely ditch the darker look used for so many years.

Anyway we hope you you enjoy the new site, we certainly will when it comes to keeping it updated, I may even blog more often now..

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