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The Creation of Kristina-J.com 2020

At the start of the current pandemic we were asked by our long time client Kristina-J to prepare a new site for when she was ready to return to work. While we were given the freedom to come up with a design there were certain stipulations Kristina had, especially around her videos and her very successful (and rather large) blog.

We took a long look at the current site, considered issues which had arisen since the previous update and set about planning a design that would not only look good, but hold and manage the considerable content Kristina generates on a regular basis.

What was clear that Kristina needed a robust and professional content management system (CMS) which could not only handle the content but would scale as the site progressed, we decided the current one would not be viable so a new more powerful CMS was deployed with custom modules to improve admin and display.

The next issue we identified was that while Kristina had the ability to change the images on each page the process was a bit “clunky” and prone to display errors with certain pictures on different devices so we set out to find a solution. We also did not want the content and design to be “fixed”. Kristina takes a very “hands on” approach with her site so we gave her a system which allowed her to mix and match different elements on the page, for example full width text, images to the left or right with small text snippets, full width videos and more.

Lastly and probably most importantly we looked at the navigation both in terms of ensuring pages were not only easy to access but all content was available from nearly everywhere on the site, the blog was given special attention with search facilities, posts categorised by content type and date posted. The results are that posts can be viewed by type (GFE for example) or by the month posted (July 1999) as well as free form text searches from each and every blog page.

Having created the content and its display we set to working on the visuals, using Javascript to animate elements on page scroll, and create easy to use image galleries and this on whatever device the site is viewed on. Just to conclude our bragging rights, we manually imported over 300 blog posts from her previous content management system, with plans to move the remaining 200 from her archive site within the next few days.

The feedback to Kristina has so far been fabulous, and pretty unanimous that even though the old site was good, we managed to surpass it in nearly every aspect, which is really I guess what every web developer aims to do.

Why not go and check it out for yourself, we and more importantly Kristina are very pleased with the result. We mentioned before we intended to up our game, and I believe we have succeeded!

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