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The Phoenix Club

Launched February 1st the new site is the latest of many updates we have made over the years for Phoenix Adult Parties in London, and is the result of a rethink as to what this type of multi advertiser site actually needs going into this new decade.

The “headline” feature is probably the ability of the site to adopt the code being used on the visitors phone/tablet or laptop. The rise of “dark mode” and the automatic switching based on the time has brought a new dimension to using a machine particularly in low light situations, dark-mode is easier on the eye in low light and this can now be mirrored on the web, so we incorporated this into the redesign.

After long discussions with the site owner it was also agreed to focus more on the actual hostesses available, rather than a gallery of often unavailable girls. We therefore made the weekly schedule page the “heart” of the site, showing not only the hostesses working but also the party details for each day. We also built in the ability to easily change a particular day’s details, making promoting themed parties and events and holiday schedules much easier to manage.

Technically the site uses some modern techniques such as clipping paths for the image styling, some new scripting functions to create the light/dark switch and of course the site fully adapts to the screen size being used.

Overall, a more modern, user friendly, cleaner and “on trend” design will take the site into 2020 on a high, so please go check out https://ThePhoenixClub.london we hope you like it.

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