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Twitter (X)perience

On Friday I decided it was time to give our presence on Twitter (or X as it is now) some love, unlike our blogging though I do manage to post reasonably frequently on there. Still time to look at other aspects of our account(s) so I settled down to try and get some insights into the whole thing, especially now the platform has changed a lot and has big plans it would seem.

I decided a long time ago to not follow many with our main account, we follow our own clients and a few others but that's about it. As most accounts related to the escort industry are simply advertising posts, I could see little point. That view has not changed. What was interesting though and the main reason for this post was th large number of accounts that have followed us over the years and were now either abandoned, or the website had disappeared. This applied to well over half our followers, escorts no longer posting or with a web address so presumably then retired, and incredibly most of the parlours and agencies either already launched or promising to soon had simply gone. OK I appreciate Covid probably had some role in this but even so, removing over 50% of our followers like this was quite a shock.

I guess we are lucky with our clients, most have been with his a good few years, which means that they, and we must be doing something right. Professionalism counts, unless people are prepared to put in effort and an investment, not just money but time and commitment then they are much more likely to fail. That commitment can take many forms, posting on social media, using escort advertising platforms and forums, whatever works. Also attention to detail, how you present your business, be it as an independent or a parlour/agency. (First) impressions count!

Now the next decision is whether to go for a "verified" account.

While we are on the subject of Twitter/X if you have one of the feeds Twitter provided linked to your site showing your latest posts etc. you may need to check it. It was brought to our attention that while they display fine in Google Chrome browsers, or any browsers which use the Chrome engine, in Safari, so basically nearly all iPhone users, plus Firefox the feeds were displaying random posts from last year or the year before. I presume this is something to do with the recent changes to Twitter the shut downs and then partial reinstatement of its open feed technology, which also blocked third party apps from displaying Twitters posts. Anyway if you have one of these on your site you might want to check it.


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