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Wisdom of the Ages

So this time I thought I would impart some of the wisdom (or not) that I have “learned” over nearly 17 years of making sites in this industry, some light hearted, some not, some given as advice over the years, some personal survival techniques.

  1. Don’t look down! Like mountaineering or being at the birth of a child, as a guy at a parlour keep eye contact, semi clothed females walking casually around will be a distraction!
  2. If your partner is an escort never, and I mean never bring it up in an argument in anger or to score points. You would not do it if they were an accountant (well maybe) so don’t do it because he or she chooses to work as an escort.
  3. Escorts if possible tell any partner what you do, I’m not talking short term ones but if you think it’s going to go anywhere get it out as early as you can. The longer you leave it the worse it will be. If it’s meant to be they will accept it, if they can’t then you need to ask yourself are they the right one anyway? Hard but true.
  4. If discretion is paramount be very careful about the pictures you put out on the net. Removing them is not always easy. It’s not where you know they are it’s where you don’t know. The number of panic requests we have had to “get my pics off the net now” you would not believe. we react quickly, not all sites will, if at all.
  5. Be very careful who you give your details to. One certain site is now asking for very intrusive personal details, and you have no idea where they are being sent, to who, or how they are stored. Worse, there is no way to find out. Make sure anyone you trust with personal details is accountable and available and professional.
  6. Treat people with respect (this is just a given in life really) and expect the same in return. If you commit to something, do your best to honour it, or explain why not. Professionalism is the best marketing tool you have.
  7. Never believe your own publicity, none of us are as wonderful or fabulous as somebody who wants something from us tells us, or we tell people when marketing. Believing this hype is a road to oblivion, and a rude awakening.
  8. If your a dominatrix don’t deal with everyone in life as if you have a whip in your in hand.
  9. Escorting can be a lonely business, have at least one trusted friend or confidant that you can talk to.
  10. Be yourself, people deal with people, if your fun bubbly and down to earth, great, if your a sophisticated ice maiden, fabulous. Trying to be everything or something your not eventually simply not work.
  11. If you decide to retire make sure your doing it because it’s what you want, not what other people want of you. Be your own person.
  12. If you have to have a drink or any other substance before seeing a client, it’s probably time to think about quitting.

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