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Wonder Women

A while ago we used an image based on an apple campaign “here’s to the crazy ones” however this time I think we are going to give a shout out to all escorts out there. Wonder Woman really sometimes does not come close.

Now this post was originally going to be about the dual nature of many working in the industry, and the work life balance and the “ducking and diving” involved to keep the secrecy. A super hero’s personality issues sometimes seem trivial by comparison. However like a lot of blog post we come up with a title and subject and then try to source an image, in this case the wonder woman image above started me thinking and this is what I am finally getting to.

Anybody involved in this industry knows that for the ladies it is sometimes not an easy line of work

The constant need to be at your best, ready, full of energy and as well as looking good, being good company, no matter how life is treating you. What is easily forgotten is most escorts are wives/partners/mothers/daughters/carers whatever, the balancing act of pleasing people in both your personal and work life I know is far from easy. Getting home to cook dinner, getting your hair/makeup right, taking the kids to school, and still appearing to be relaxed with clients really deserves praise.

Yes not everyone has family ties, but at the very least a large percentage have the unenviable job of keeping a large part of their life (their occupation) secret from friends. The constant need to be shall we say economical sometimes with the truth is a strain in itself.

So people, stop and think, everyone is a person, with their own problems, own complex situations etc. escorts have a duty not to bring those to work, and many can not take a bad day home with them to talk through. The pressures can be large sometimes, I just think a shout out and acknowledgment sometimes would not go amiss.

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