Back in the Saddle again

Back in the Saddle again

A while ago I wrote a blog about how hard blogging could actually be, and I think I have probably proved this perfectly given our recent terrible output levels. However the intention is to change this starting today.

Back in the Saddle again

Now as a general rule we try to be reasonably organised, we have lists for everything, domain renewals due, changes needs, tweets to post, even films to watch, and of course we have a repeating task to blog each week for at least one of our sites, what happened? 

 Time, inclination general inertia, a combination of things really including my personal simple dread of having to find a subject each week. So, I have given myself a good talking to, looked at our priorities and convinced myself that we can do this. So, let's see, the first one (this) is easy, I have set up a repository of future post ideas and we have other ideas planned to improve/increase flow. 

 Onwards and upwards I guess, let's check back in a while to see if our good intentions translated into deeds. 

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