Backup Backup Backup

Backup Backup Backup

I have said it before but I am going to say it again, backup, backup and backup. We consistently hear of lost photos, often never to be recovered and probably costing a few hundred pounds to get in the first place.

Why ll escorts need to backup information
Backup Backup Backup

These days no matter what your computer system or even if your relying on just a mobile device “invest” in some cloud storage, most services provide a free tier with enough space to hold your pictures, and even if you change device it’s just a question of reconnecting to the service and hey presto your pictures or whatever are all there again, safe and secure. Nil cost yet priceless.

The same applies to text based information, consider using what is affectionately called a “bucket” app. One basically you can throw nearly anything into, probably the best well known will be Evernote and Microsoft OneNote. In their simplest form the apps allow you to keep notes, pictures and other collected information, for example we use them to store text phrases we use for regular tweets, and to store a history on Social media of posts made, mentions and conversations. Both again offer free accounts with paid options for more features, although for basic storage and retrieval a free account is probably enough for most.

OK, I hope the above has at least made you think, if you need more information below are some links to more information and the apps themselves.

Cloud Storage

Bucket Apps

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