Frameworks and Scaffolding

Frameworks and Scaffolding

In recent years web sites have moved to being “responsive” a buzzword which only really means they adapt to the medium and screen size being viewed on, smartphone, tablet, lap/desktop and probably soon fridges.

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Frameworks and Scaffolding

Sites were often heavy on decoration, as mobile access with sometimes limited bandwidths were not an issue, but this all changed with the rise of the smartphone.

As more and more people access the interwebby from mobile devices the need came for the sites being viewed to present an enjoyable experience no matter what the medium, firstly as standalone apps, or mobile versions and currently as “responsive”. With this came the rise of the “framework” or “scaffolding”. These are basic building blocks of code designed to create a starting point for a responsive site, the best feature a bullet proof way of creating the basics of a design guaranteed to function on most devices.

Before this we could safely just design for a fixed width, using defined sizes for elements, images and much else.

We decided to move to using these frameworks some years ago, and having tried at least three have now standardised on the what we believe is the best one for us and our clients. Now it is certainly not the easiest one to use (for us), it need a degree of technical knowledge and development tool sets we had to learn, however the benefits going forward have been enormous.

For us, we work with a system we know, and combined with the Content Management Systems we use, this gives us an arsenal of tools we are familiar with, can use and adapt for our clients, while saving on a lot of initial development we would need to do.

For our clients this means they can be confident that sites work across the board no matter what the device, and that the cost of developing a new site can be kept to realistic levels, in fact way below what developing from zero would cost.

Let’s be clear on one thing though, this system is not “templates” it is simply a framework, and to put it into an analogy lego building blocks provide the tools, the imagination and skill of the builder does the rest, from the simple up to Lego movies even. All our sites are hand coded, unique to the client, of course we do rely on certain reusable elements for galleries and the like but these are constantly evolving as technology and techniques change.

The bottom line, you can trust your design to us, and be confident in a unique site, built on an ever evolving framework of modern code.

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