“How to Choose a Designer”

Firstly if people were to massively exaggerate what their perception was about you and your business how you stack up? Try it yourself, hopefully you should come out with a positive.

How to Choose a Designer

Now onto the meat of this weeks blog, how to choose a designer. Firstly you need to have trust, without it any relationship between client and designer is not going to work, as a client you need to trust your chosen designer to deliver, that they know what they are talking about and they are good at their job. Of course client input is vital, but if you employ a professional to do a job you need to trust that professional to deliver. A good designer will take your ideas and turn them into something that works both technically and visually, compromise may be needed, as well as an open mind, but a good collaboration will pay for itself many times over.

 A good designer will take your ideas and turn them into something that works 

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You also need to look at any portfolio, most design business have a “style” which they have nurtured. That’s not to say all designs will be the same (well they shouldn’t be), it’s just a case of a good designers work will be instantly recognisable yet unique to that client. If you like that style, and that is often a subconscious thing, your probably on the right road, if you go and ask for a copy of something someone else has done do not be surprised if you receive a less than positive response. From a designers point of view knowing when to say no and turning down work is as important as knowing when to say yes.

I have been guilty of trying to work outside of what I believe to be “right”

Now like most I have been guilty of trying to work outside of what I believe to be “right”, OK actually downright wrong a couple of times. In nearly every case it has been an error, leading to frustration, disillusionment and not the best work. Here a {{ identity }} we try hard to give the best we can, but without faith in what we are doing or doing something against best judgement is simply a recipe for failure, not just for us but our clients. From a purely commercial viewpoint a client that succeeds and who’s website works, is the best advert we can have, it’s simply a win win situation.

So why this now? Well today I turned down work, largely for the reasons above, but also because the potential client thought that as we had clients charging “lesser amounts” we potentially did not know how to deal with “high class” escorts. My response was simple, money never is or ever has been an indicator of “class”, and anybody looking down on people like that is never going to be a fit with what we believe, or be in any way “high class” themselves. Apart from that of course it’s just downright wrong, we have great clients from all sectors of the escort business for which we count ourselves very lucky.

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