The New 69Design

The New 69Design

We are very pleased to introduce our new site, it's been a long time in the making and went through a good few revisions to get here. We listened to feedback, we took a long hard look at what we felt visitors would actually want and then set about creating it.

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The New 69Design

It's all about our clients

We really wanted this time to cut out a lot of the content in the old site and focus on what we felt really mattered, our work and our clients. During the last part of 2018 we did a lot of thinking on what 69Design was really about, we dropped several things that were time consuming to maintain, were little used or just not something we felt was working. So, we closed our support forums, as they were never used, amended a lot of systems internally, invested in some new hardware and investigated a lot of new programmes, techniques and design ideas ready for 2019.

The logical next step was to redesign our site here, this has been ongoing since about November with various ideas being looked at, and the content revised to hopefully better reflect what is important to prospective clients. We also wanted to get back to a darker look for at least some of the site, it's a look we have had before and we decided that done well it creates real impact.

For those readers interested in the technical bits the site has been moved to a new CMS, which is easier to try new ideas with, the code has been made more modular so we can very easily swap or add page elements, which has resulted in leaner and faster code. Large images have been used, we intend to try and speed loading further by experimenting with file sizes, but that's fo the next round.

To put it simply, we are lucky to have great clients, we try to make great websites to match so we decided to cut the fluff and simply let our sites speak for us.

So, that's it, an animated visual feast and finally we would both like to say that without our fabulous clients 69Design would not just be the same, and for that we thank each and every one.

Richard and Mandy

Here to Build Your Vision

If you have a project your excited about we would love to help, call Richard on +44 0203 28 69696 or e-mail us at startmeoff@69design.co.uk

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