The Obligatory Retrospective

The Obligatory Retrospective

This seems to have become a bit of a tradition so here we go with a look back at 2017 and a look forward to 2018. Our business our clients and trends for next year. So lets kick off with a quick overview.

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The Obligatory Retrospective

Well the biggest changes were Mandy and I decided to go and live abroad, as some of you may know we returned to the UK in 2015 because of a family illness, there was a lot we missed in the UK and we have had two good years back but the lure of the sun, a more laid back lifestyle and just a better life made us decide to go back to Cyprus

The trick is of course to keep working!

I am currently writing this sitting outside in 19 degree temperatures while looking at snow on the mountains in one direction and the sun on the sea in the other, the trick is of course to keep working!I am currently writing this sitting outside in 19 degree temperatures while looking at snow on the mountains in one direction and the sun on the sea in the other, the trick is of course to keep working!

The other big change in the business was the move to primarily using iPads for day to day work.

This has been a learning curve, we have had to change quite a few things, investigate and invest in some new software, and sometimes spend quite a lot of time and effort trying to force things which we ultimately had to admint were just better done on a Mac. The main thing being coding sites, which I still do on a Mac mini connected to the iPads via a local network. However the professional grade apps now available for iOS made ipad working both a reality and a pleasure in 2017.

We also launched the current version of the 69Design website, and in line with our new portable lifestyle went “paperless” digitising everything, and disposing of a lot of “stuff” collected over the years which were really just gathering dust both real and virtual.

On the client side we lost a few clients, some through retirement and others we just could not get hold of anymore. We have taken a good hard look at our accounting in 2017 and with who and how we do business, and we go into 2018 much more confident and secure. For those clients who have moved on with their lives we wish them well of course as we do for all our loyal and wonderful clients whom we have had the priveledge and pleasure to deal with during the past year.

So what for 2018? Now it’s traditional here to say we have lots of new things planned, and yes we have a couple of idea which may or may not work their way to anything but my gut feeling is this year will one of consolidating and building on the foundations we have put in place this year.

On the design trends, split screen designs seem to be a thing at the moment and we launched our first try at one of these last month. Coding frameworks are maturing now and the lines between “apps” and websites continue to blur, expect to see this continue into 2018. Video is still growing in popularity as a good way to get a message across, and we used it recently as a backdrop to nearly every page on one site. Video creates a very immersive experience ideal for the escort industry although it makes over editing pictures that much more difficult.

If I had to make a prediction it would be that we will see the rise of AI (artificial intelligence) on websites. Chat bots are already quite common in certain scenarios and this will only expand, imagine being able to have a virtual assistant to answer questions on your behalf on the site.. it’s coming, maybe not in 2018 but its coming.

So that’s it really, so for now may Mandy and I wish you a very Happy New Year and for all you could wish yourselves in 2018.

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