“Image Problems”

Not a new “problem” but one which due to the massive number of devices that now need to be catered for, much more of an issue than it was.

Image Problems

To try and explain, most devices larger than a phone are landscape orientation (the screen is wider than it is high, lap or desk tops when the Internet is run full screen certainly is, tablets can be used in landscape or portrait orientation (where the screen is higher than it is wide), phones are nearly always used in portrait mode. Most escort photographers however supply mostly portrait mode, and sometimes not even one landscape mode shot.

Image Problems

Now the modern web tends to very often have a “hero” image across the top of a page, with text underneath, this image scales to the width of the browser, and this scenario works well across nearly every screen size. This look has become pretty much the norm, Facebook, Twitter, and a large proportion of sites adopts this design pattern in some form, however it relies upon that “hero” image being landscape orientation!

Image Problems

This leaves the poor escort web designer with a problem, presented with portrait images we are left with a few alternatives, crop the image (to make it landscape) and just use a portion of it, go for the full screen background effect, we have been using recently http://leannali.co.uk as an example. This works well, however it does create different experiences on different devices, but it showcases images well, while allowing for text to expand as needed. The downside is on large screens with the browser run full size only a portion of the image is visible.

Another option is to place an image on one side, with the text on the other. The image needs to be blended into the page, however it relies on the text being in bite size chunks otherwise it runs the risk of running below the image leaving a large blank space on one side. This was the method we used on https://kristina-j.com. It also runs into the problem of blending in the images and adding new ones as they become available.

At the moment there does not seem to be a definitive solution to this. I guess the industry needs to work more closely, at present the photography and the website design are dealt with in isolation, it is very rare for us to be consulted before a shoot, usually just being presented with the finished and edited pictures. Ideally all parties should be involved in the whole process, but for that to happen there needs to be change in how escorts plan their business and for the professionals working on the project to work together. Chances of that occurring, pretty remote at present I would say.

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