The SESTA situation

The SESTA situation

America looks likely to pass into law a badly drafted piece of legislation which while it has laudable aims, cracking down on human trafficking"

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The SESTA situation

 It's possible effect is to provide those with an agenda the tools to potentially shut down free speech on the internet and that possibly includes advertising it deems "distasteful"

Now the problem with this, as always is who decides or is indeed qualified to arbitrate on what qualifies as "distasteful". Now I am sure any normal person can identify certain topics which of course should have no platform, child pornography, terrorist propaganda etc. However this legislation, (known as SESTA or FOSTA, here is one link [Gizmodo]) means that any web platform that accepts unverified adverts can potentially be prosecuted if that advert turns out to violate the rather vague terms of the bill.

The effect is likely to be a culling of adult advertising sites

One has already shut its adult personals section, another escort directory is now asking for green cards from non US citizens wishing to post. Now while sex trafficking should without doubt be fought, the worry of this legislation is that it will start to affect legitimate escort websites, and already it would seem girls in the US are worried, perhaps unjustifiably, but at present hysteria seems to reign.

Over the last few days here at 69Design we have had enquiries as to server locations, the possible need to move email services out of the US and other related issues, so we felt it was time to both respond and provide some assistance.

Firstly let me say this seems to be mainly a problem for girls in or visiting the US, for the rest of us it may pay to take note, and at least be aware.

For e-mail, if you genuinely believe you want or need a secure non US mail account we would recommend you look at [Proton Mail]. Based in Sweden and with their servers based there, they major on privacy and security and even offer end to end encrypted email if both parties use the Proton Mail service. We have set up an account, 69Design@protonmail.com as a test or just if you prefer to communicate this way.

Currently our main server is in the US, personally I do not believe this is an issue  at present, but we can now offer non US site hosting and we are also looking at cloud based hosting solutions to take this one step further forward.

So the take away is this, at the moment no one knows how this will play out. If your worried about US government snooping, proton mail could be a solution worth considering. As for our site hosting, you can rest assured we are on top of any changes we need to make. Finally if your worried about your current site situation and considering non US hosting, please get in touch, we will be pleased try and help.

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