Trends in escort Web Design

Trends in escort Web Design

Here are some trends in web design which certainly can be (and have been) used in escort web designs.

2017 escort web design trends
Trends in escort Web Design

Card Based Interfaces
Made popular by sites like Pinterest and pushed further by Material design, card based interfaces make it easy to group together a lot of content, are easily scannable for the user, and lend themselves perfectly with responsive web design.

Video Headers and Backgrounds
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, video can help you tell even more of your story than ever possible. Video backgrounds and headers are great way to set a tone, give a sense of atmosphere, and get your users feeling more immersed in your content. Just be sure to have a fallback for people on slower connections.

Large Screen Design
A lot of focus in responsive web design is on small screens, but it’s important to keep big screens in mind too. According to the latest numbers, over 32% of internet users are on screens with resolutions of 1920 pixels or higher. Take advantage of that extra screen real estate for those that have it with large, high resolution photos.

Here are some trends in web design which certainly can be (and have been) used in escort web designs.

Bold Colour Palettes
The popularity of at and Material Design simplify details and put an emphasis on size, shape and colour, leading to bolder palettes and sharper contrasts. Colour is also being used more and more as a design element, helping group together related options and evoking specific emotions from users.

Bold Typography
Web fonts have made it possible for designers to have more choice and options in their typography. Inspired by print and movements like Swiss modernism, designers are using text in more and more adventurous ways. Text is also a design element that translates well on mobile and uses minimal bandwidth.

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