Two new sites

Two new sites

Two new sites to report this time, for those of us who like to keep up with what we are doing. The first a large content focussed site for a business providing services for the cross dressing community, the second a site for independent escort Cindy in the City of London.

Two new sites

So a little about the sites and the processes. CrossDressing-service.com is a large site focussed on providing. lot of information as well as detailing their extensive range of services, it has recently been taken over by one of our clients who asked us to redesign, extend and generally improve it. The site presented two initial challenges, firstly the existing images were largely unusable, especially for the individual page headers, far to small and in some cases just lifted off the internet. The second issue was to make sense of the large amount of content, breaking it down into a logical hierarchy, and displaying it on the page in a readable format. The other problem was the brief was to make it pastel pink, not a colour I particularly like working with as the danger is the site would look bland. 

Our solution was firstly to take a sideways look at the header image problem, we decided against the standard stock images of cross dressers, of which there were a surprisingly large number, and instead opted for pink themed more tongue in cheek images, cup cakes, makeup palettes and the like. We did find a great pink Cadillac but it just never made the final site. For the content we returned to a CMS (content management system) we last used over five years ago. Built specifically for larger content heavy sites, it presented a learning curve for sure, but the result is I believe worth it, and we now have another option under our belt for producing unique content for our clients. 

So why not check out https://crossdressing-service.com, feedback is always welcome. 

The second site site we have launched in the past week is http://cindy-escort.co.uk, a one-page site for Cindy based in London. Cindy wanted a starter site and had only a little content, so rather than create three or four sparse pages we decided to create a single page with the information split into clearly defined sections. This allowed us to use Cindy's range of photos, show the information potential clients need while providing Cindy with a site which suits her style. 

Again, please feel free to take a look http://cindy-escort.co.uk. 

Overall two happy clients and hopefully happy site visitors too, which is of course a win for everyone. 

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