Services for Escorts, Agencies and Parlours

Of course we are always open to other suggestions or requests and we love a challenge, so if these do not float your boat feel free to reach out to us with your needs.

  • Independent Escorts

    Being independent brings benefits and challenges. Here at 69Design we understand that, with over 500 sites built for independent escorts we understand what you need from your designers.

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  • Escort Agencies

    We know it's tough running an escort agency, of course we can not do it for you but we can make sure you have the best site and the best support systems currently available. From our powerful content management system to providing help with content. We offer as little or as much assistance as you need.

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  • Massage Parlours

    Parlours have specific needs when it comes to the internet, while a lot of features are similar to those required by an agency, there is perhaps also need for other features such as daily schedules, and short notice updates and changes.

  • Hosting & Maintenance

    Like you your site needs someone to work from and a place on the internet to call its own, and our hosting package offers this. We offer all clients space on our own servers fully maintained and with all systems including your content management systems regularly monitored and updated when needed.

  • Marketing & Promotion

    Your site is looking great, optimised for Google and your phones are on, but if it's not marketed correctly it all comes to nothing. Social Media, blogging, directory listings, all can be important all have pitfalls, which work and which can actually hurt.

    We can guide you through this labyrinth providing no nonsense advice in an easy to understand way, no jargon, just the right advice for your unique business. We also provide a free listing on our own directory for all clients, just another example of our commitment to our clients businesses.

  • Site Optimsation (SEO)

    Most importantly unlike many we do not make promises we can not keep. What we can promise is to provide advice in line with Googles latest recommendations, create a site that is fast, correctly structured and coded and to provide both the tools and knowledge to monitor on and improve your sites rankings going forward.

    In fact we have even made a free resource available to everyone (click here), as we believe empowering people with the tools and knowledge they need is far better than false promises and unrealistic expectations we see being peddled all the time. Of course if you would like to talk to us we will be pleased to provide an honest reply..

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