“Chloe Dior”

Escort Chloe Dior approached us to make her site which posed certain challenges but in other ways was one of those projects that just went together.

Chloe Dior

The "easy" part was the quality of the images provided, Chloe realises the importance of image and certainly puts a lot of effort and thought into her photo shoots. Of course while quality pictures in some ways make our job easier we have an added responsibility to make the most of them on the site. The less easy part was that Chloe rarely seems to sit still constantly touring internationally so we needed to find a way to ensure she could not only post information but also ensure that this got picked up quickly by search engines in her current location.

For the design we went for a site with sliding displays known as "parallax" 

this is where different elements on the page move at different speed creating the illusion of 3D. For the Content Management System we used our standard system we have developed for independent escorts but built a specific module to handle the tours. This allows to Chloe to post start and end dates, a little bit of detail and even a location picture to "set the scene".

Chloe also wanted to include quite a lot of additional information such as a wish list and a "frequently asked questions" page which she could edit as needed, again easily handled by our CMS.

Chloe Dior

Lastly Chloe needed quite a complex booking/screening form to deal with international bookings. This form needed to present different options based on previous answers and not to confuse, so we worked to build a form with built on logic to handle this.

The build relies on JavaScript to achieve the parallax effect and we had to deal with the differences in the way mobile systems handles scripting (loading them much slower and later) and the anomalies with certain layout issues on different devices, again hopefully we succeeded.

For the search engines our content management system allows Chloe to have her location picked up as well as other key points, making it an efficient site which loads quickly, displays her pictures to their best advantage and portrays Chloe as the high class international escort she is.

Chloe Dior

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