“Club Classique”

Club Classique has been a long time client and an upgrade to their site was past due, the content management system needed upgrading as did the front of the site.

Club Classique

The first thing we considered was whether to continue with the sites "theme" of blacks and whites or to create a complete new look. After discussions with the sites owner it was agreed we should go for a complete rebranding. As a long time client we had a good idea of how the site runs, and what it needs. We discussed adding a review system as we had recently done with Victoria House Massage but ease of use and minimal upkeep was a priority for the site owners so it was decided not.

Ease of use and minimal upkeep was a priority for the site owners

Next was to upgrade the Content Management System, so we created a test space on our servers where the client could monitor progress and we could get the new site ready without disrupting the working site. Having set up the system we next added all the current content to the site. At the same time we worked on creating a new identity for the sites front end taking into account both current design trends and the need to function equally well on smart phones, tablets and desk/lap top machines.

Modern trends tend to go for simplicity 

Club Classique

To put this into context, blocks of colour and easy to read typography, of course this market also needs to display pictures well and quickly so every entries pictures on the site were enlarged and optimised for larger high density retina screens while keeping file sizes as low as possible.

Once we had an "identity" agreed by the client, which like most design we do was agreed on the first attempt, we added the rest of the pages, set up an easy to administer system for the weekly shifts, so that short notice changes could be handled from the CMS by phone if needed.

The girls profiles were all completely rewritten, the information text and the the complete code structure was optimised for SEO and for quick loading and on a final check by the client the new site was swapped for the old site with no disruption whatsoever for the client.

The feedback has been very positive, the client reporting very good comments both on look and ease of use so hopefully a win for everyone.

Of  course we do not stop there, we continue to support the site, updating the Content Management system when needed, posting on social media daily for them as well as optimising images and text as and when required. All in all a site everyone seems happy with, our client, their clients and their girls, and that of course makes us happy as well.

Club Classique

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