“Helen Jameson”

Helen has for a long time gone for a clean and crisp design featuring a lot of whitespace and greys to create a signature image.

Helen Jameson

This time Helen wanted something different and approached us to discuss using video on her next site as she had very good feedback from the image slideshow we had created previously. A video shoot was arranged and Helen emerged with a series of videos and some stills from the shoot we could use as gallery images.

We tried a number of design ideas but while the video stills were good, creating something unique was proving difficult, Helen has always had light sites, the stills from the video were darker moodier looking shots which did not work so well with lighter colours.

After quite a few previews and "not quite right" designs we hit upon the idea of focussing solely on the videos, using them as backdrops to the information on each page, something we had used on front pages but never throughout a whole site and only short repeating clips.

We had though worked on previous projects with Helen and she trusted us to create something different and unique, and in this case I believe we have.

However getting this to work on a large range of devices proved quite a challenge, we had to take into account different screen sizes, look at bandwidth speeds on mobile internet, cater for the different browsers people may be using and ensure that viewers received as good an experience as possible, whatever the devive being used.

In the end after many tests we opted for displaying a simple header image on phone screens (to avoid bandwidth and speed issues) while showing the videos on tablet sized screens upwards. We tested this site a lot to ensure it worked, each video is in three different formats and several sizes, and each has been optimised to load as quickly as possible. For phone viewers the videos are available in a gallery where they can be viewed seperately.

The result is an immersive experience that tells a story, from the arrival to .. well go and look for yourselves. meanwhile the feedback Helen tells us has been terrific and really that is what we always aim to achieve for every client.

Helen Jameson

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