“Helen Jameson”

Clean simple and clean was what Helen as always wanted from her site, and this site was initially in Flash which caused problems as time and technology moved forward.

Helen Jameson

A good few years ago we created a site for Helen that was written in Flash, a popular technology at the time which allowed for complex animation which could not be achieved otherwise. However like all technology time moves on and what was good becomes bad and in this case Flash was effectively killed of when it was not supported on Apples mobile operating system iOS.

We tried several times to convince Helen to ditch the Flash site but she was so pleased with it she was very reluctant to do so

After a while though the reality of increased mobile usage and an inaccessible site hit home and Helen agreed to update her site. To try and ease Helen’s worries we effectively cloned the old sites design using current design trends and technologies. This meant Helen could keep the design she loved while not loosing the site look she so loved.

It is important to ensure sites are accessible to as many devices as possible, doing so puts your site in front of as many potential clients as possible and this particular case is a very good example of both why this needs to be done as well as the ongoing service and commitment to our clients we provide day after day and year after year.

The site also features a regular blog, an image slideshow and archive galleries. An update is currently being planned for the site, when Helen plans to move the site to an enhanced version with new features while keeping the signature clean white look she has made her own.

Helen Jameson

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