“Leanna Li”

Pictures, that without doubt is the defining feature of Leanna's site, they dominate each page, and live in several galleries on the site.

Leanna Li

Another long term client Leanna decided to upgrade her site after another photo shoot, and was happy to trust us to just come up with something to do her justice.

After looking at different options we decided on the full screen background option as Leanna's pictures were mainly portrait shaped this seemed to be the best way to maximise the impact of the site and pictures.

Every picture in all the galleries were watermarked

So off to work we went, every picture in the galleries are watermarked, Leanna controls everything through her content management system and runs a very active blog through it as well. We built the site to display different versions of the background picture depending upon the screen size (device) so phones will display a smaller picture, loading more quickly and using less bandwidth than the larger pictures needed for a desk/laptop display.

Of course the text is optimised for Google and the blog contributes to Googles wish for fresh new content regularly. The galleries form an archive of Leanna's photo shoots and can easily be extended as more shoots are done. The site also allows for easy changes to the page background pictures meaning that changing these potentially changes the whole look of the site with just a few simple picture changes.

Leanna has been happy with the look of the site and the traffic and business it has generated for her and has received good feedback from her clients which of course translates into new business.

Leanna Li

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